About Us

Hello and Welcome!

Han* Clothing was established in September 2017 as a small project by owner and recent Fashion and Textiles graduate, Hannah Vail. The brand first appeared in collective Pop Up space "Emporium" on Shipquay Street Derry quickly followed by the website launched in November of the same year. 

Following the disappointing closure of this space, Han* was solely online until March 2018 when the brand moved into TOPSHOP Victoria Square Belfast as a concession. Following the success of this launch, the brand also moved into its home store TOPSHOP Foyleside and in 2019 expanded into a further three stores across UK and Ireland.  (Due to administration, Han* Clothing is no longer in connection with TOPSHOP).
The brand continues to create cool, minimal casual wear. In 2020, Han* Clothing opened a design studio and part time shop space within the Craft Village, Derry.
In recent years we have launched our PREMIUM range - a small line of clothing which is made totally in-store. We pride ourselves in also sourcing all screen-printing and embroidery work locally also. It is really important to us to follow our textile rich heritage locally and invest in sustainable practises that not only benefit the local economy and environment.
Visit us in the Craft Village, Derry, 11-5, Wednesday-Saturday.